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Bloodwork Services

Call us to schedule bloodwork for your loyal companion.

Bloodwork is one of the main diagnostic tools we use at our hospital. Many times, even when your pet is symptomatic, it’s difficult to diagnose them by examining the body only with the naked eye. At our hospital, we can perform various diagnostic tests such as bloodwork, urinalysis, and stool tests in-house. Our team is well-trained to make the process comfortable for your pet and make your visit stress-free. To schedule bloodwork for your loyal companion, call us at 416-690-0625.

What can blood tests show?

Blood tests can show more about your pet’s health than a physical examination. We use bloodwork to identify the following conditions:

  • Allergies
  • Parasitic infections
  • Organ disorders
  • Underlying disease
  • Response to anesthesia

When should my pet have bloodwork done?

Ideally, your pet should be having bloodwork done every year. Senior pets should have their blood checked at least twice each year since they are more prone to diseases. Our veterinarian will recommend blood tests in other situations, such as when your pet has an upcoming surgery, is showing signs of illness, or if your pet is starting a new medication. 

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