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Laser Therapy

A non-invasive treatment that accelerates the healing process.

Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that accelerates the healing process. We provide this treatment at our hospital as it is pain-free and is beneficial not only to humans but also to pets. To learn if this treatment can benefit your pet, please call us at 416-690-0625.

How does laser therapy work in pets?

During laser therapy, a trained veterinarian will aim a beam at specific areas of your pet’s body. The light can penetrate deep into the skin, reaching the cells, which causes them to regenerate and repair. The doctor can control the laser level depending on how deep the light needs to penetrate. With cell growth and repair, your pet will heal faster and feel less pain.

Each session can last up to 30 minutes, and depending on your pet’s condition, they may need 3-8 sessions to have the most benefits.

What conditions can be treated with a therapeutic laser?

Many skin conditions and health issues can be treated with laser therapy. At our hospital, we use therapeutic lasers in the following situations:

  1. To provide relief from chronic pain
  2. For wound healing, such as injuries, surgery incisions, lick granulomas, hot spots, etc.
  3. Rehabilitation from orthopedic injuries or surgery

Is this treatment safe?

This treatment is 100% safe for your pet. Our team is trained to provide this service safely. It doesn’t harm them in any way and, in most cases, the patient begins to feel relief during the session. We provide pets with safety glasses similar to what our veterinarians wear to protect their eyes.

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