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Parasite Control & Prevention

The best approach to parasites is prevention. Contact us for more details.

As small as they are, parasites can be massive vectors of disease for your pet, or even for you. Zoonotic parasites and diseases can spread to humans. The best way to tackle this problem is through prevention. When your pet has a parasitic infection, it should be treated immediately by a veterinarian. Here at our hospital, we are experienced in preventing and treating parasites. Please reach out to us for more information.

What parasites can infect my pet?

Pets can become infected with two types of parasites: internal and external. Internal parasites are extremely harmful as they can deplete your loyal companion of nutrients and destroy their organs. Some internal parasites are roundworms, whipworms, heartworm, tapeworm, and hookworm. Some of these worms can be passed on to humans. External parasites affect the physical body; they include fleas, ticks, and mites. Here are some signs your pet has parasites:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Itching and scratching
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Red bumps
  • Dry consistent coughing
  • Protruding lumps

Do parasites affect my pet during winter?

Yes, parasites can affect your pet in the cold months. For instance, many tick species can survive the winter, especially by finding their way into your home. Ticks also carry fleas. This is why it’s never a good decision to stop parasite prevention in winter.

What is parasite prevention for pets?

Effective parasite prevention is ongoing throughout the year. Your veterinarian will create a unique prevention plan based on your pet’s environment, lifestyle, breed, etc. This plan may include giving your pet monthly preventatives, like injections or tablets. Our team can also recommend a broad-spectrum medication to protect them from various parasites. To learn more about parasite prevention for your pet, call us at 416-690-0625.

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