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Ultrasound and X-ray

Offering diagnostic services to better serve our patients.

Here at Kingston Road Animal Hospital, we offer diagnostic services to understand your pet’s health. With ultrasonography and digital radiography (X-rays), we can get images of your pet’s internal system. The diagnostic procedures are quick and painless. The sooner we can diagnose your pet’s ailment, the faster we can start treatment. For more information, call us at 416-690-0625.

How are ultrasounds performed?

Ultrasonography is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that allows our doctors to view real-time diagnostic imaging of your pet’s organs beyond what the eye can see on radiographs and what the hands can appreciate by touch. Our team will shave the area of interest and apply a gel to glide a special wand over that section. The wand emits sound waves that echo internally and create images on a computer screen.

We use ultrasounds to detect pregnancies, cysts, fluids, and tumours. It can also examine the bladder, liver, kidney, and heart organs.

How does an X-ray work for pets?

Radiography uses electrons absorbed by dense structures inside your pet. Digital X-rays have less radiation, which means no side effects. X-rays can examine your pet’s bones and teeth and identify foreign objects, fractures, arthritis, spinal cord disease, and gallstones.

Is sedation necessary?

A short-acting sedative is used during X-rays to keep your pet calm and to ensure we get quality images. If your pet is nervous or fidgeting during the scan, the image may be blurry, and we will need to do the scan again. We do not use restraints as they can be harmful and uncomfortable for your pet.

Is it safe for my pet to have these procedures?

Yes, our diagnostic procedures are entirely safe for your pet. At our hospital, the safety of your loyal companion is our main priority; that’s why we use extra precaution and care when treating your pet.

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